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Give the Life-changing Gift of Education in Nepal.

ONE Youth, established by a group of student, is a registered NGO in Nepal. It is also a member of Social Welfare Council, Nepal. Since 2014 the major sector of working has been education, health, leadership and environment.

Our mission has always been about education, health, leadership and environment and the ways to improve the aspects.

Education Infrastructure Development, our major project aims to collaborate every aspects in a single go.

Every school that we choose for Education Infrastructure Development,shall receive a computer lab and a library. Along with this Sexuality and Reproductive Health education, Leadership Trainings, Computer Training and stationery or scholarships to those needy are also provided.

Frequently asked questions -

  • Q: Can I be a part of One Youth ?
  • Ans: Yes, you can enlist yourself as a volunteervia our contact form.
  • Q: How can I be a member ?
  • Ans: Contact us stating you wish to be a member and we will forward you the details.
  • Q: How is One Youth sustained ?
  • Ans: One YOuth organises various findraisings inside and outside Nepal.Leadership trainings helps raise funds as well.

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